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About Garden Doctor

Garden Doctor is an all in one app which helps you take care of your plants, With expert curated 100% organic protection and nutrient details for over 200 plants, Garden Doctor app will provide custom to-do lists for all kinds of garden, From hobbyist, to roof top gardens, to professional farmers,  Garden Doctor can help you protect and improve your garden.

The Garden Doctor app will allow you to create your own custom green space. Understand the life-cycle of your plants and learn how to protect and enhance them with the right nutrition with the help of our to-do list with instructions and regular reminders and be rewarded with our awards and reward points and use them further to buy our own organic products online.

Why Garden doctor?

Garden doctor app helps you take care of your garden hassle free. With custom to-do list & weekly reminders, you will be able to organically protect and preserve your garden from over 2000 insects & bugs.

Amazing Features


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24/7 plant expert at your reach

With over 20 years of experience as agronomists, our team of expert can help you take the best care of your plants.

Monthly and weekly reminders

Never forget to take care of your plants, with personalized reminders to take care of your plants.

Protect your plants from numerous adversities and insects

With protection and nutrition plants for each phase of over 200 plants. you will have a Garden Doctor in your pocket at all times

Monthly to-do list with step by step guide

Get tailormade month recommendations for your garden which help your garden ‘s yield and protect your plants from thousands of insects.

Wide rage of eco-friendly organic products

Buy organic eco-friendly solutions for horticulture, gardening and home plants.

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